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The Brand



KYLE’LYK [kailik]  is  a  high-end  casual  menswear  brand  based in New York.
It is produced in a unique design inspired by ordinary things or things that are easy to pass by in everyday life. You can see the uniqueness and the brand value with the small detail design.

The selected fabrics do not tire easily while meeting ordinary people and carrying out normal daily life. The KYLE’LYK brand will tell stories through use of different stylish techniques of printing, knitting and embroidery.   

Fall / Winter 2019

Fall / Winter 2019

Fall / Winter 2019

Fall / Winter 2019


Brand History

DearProgress Showroom (Paris) - June, 2019

‘Stay, Thank you’ collection - June, 2019

Nomet Showroom (Japan) - March, 2019

‘Ineffable space’ collection - January, 2019

CUBE Showroom (Paris) - June, 2018

'Will ever find' collection - June, 2018

Liberty NY - January, 2018

Project NY - January, 2018

'American Dreamer' Collection - January, 2018

Established KYLE'LYK NEW YORK - March, 2017